Price: $1,199.00

Built and priced with homeowners in mind, the SNOWSPORT® 180 Utility Plow gives you a nearly 7-foot swipe on the back of your SUV, Minivan or Crossover Vehicle that makes clearing snow a breeze. The SNOWSPORT® 180 Plow is an easy-to-install and operate rear snow plow that attaches to any 2" receiver hitch and weighs a mere 56 lbs. A 1" rubber-cutting edge makes a clean cut in the snow that leaves the surface of the driveway smooth and flat. The blade can fit on either the front or back of the vehicle, giving you two ways to remove snow. If you are looking for an affordable snowplow that the entire family can use, the SNOWSPORT® 180 Utility Plow is a great option.

Note: This snowplow requires 8 to 14 inches of clearance from under receiver to level grade when installed. Vehicles with suspension modifications (oversized tires, lift kits, etc.) could encounter improper fitment for SNOWSPORT® Utility Plow use.

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Snow Plow Push Frame

Durable Push Frame

Permits the blade to move down and up adjusting to the terrain. Blade attaches using quick pins in the plow or transport position.

Jeep Snow Plow Installation

Easy on and off

Attaches with 1 pin. Transfers quickly to another pickup truck with a 2 in. receiver hitch. Zero breakdown issues or maintenance with no electrical and hydraulic pieces.

Aluminum Snow Blade

Corrosion Resistant, Aluminum Blade

Rust resistant, extruded aluminum blade is vehicle friendly and stacks snow higher than the pickup truck's hood. 82 in. long and 14-1/2 in. high blade.

Rubber Blade

Turf Friendly Cutting Edge

The durable one inch wide rubber performs impressively on concrete, brick, grass, asphalt and gravel. Lasts longer than a metal cutting edge.

No Electrical Wiring

No Wiring or Extra Lights

Low-profile snowplow doesn't block headlights in transport and plow position, snowplow doesn't need to be removed when driving.

Down Pressure Strap

Hold Down Strap *Optional

Maintains constant down pressure on the plow. Assists the plow in removal of hard, compact snow. Sold separately

Average Customer Rating: star star star star star (5 reviews)

Review by: Keving P. - IN   star star star star star

Well designed snowplow, was easy to assemble and is easy to install on my truck and works very well for clearing my driveway of snow.

Review by: Kelly W. - MI   star star star star star

Works great. I use this to plow my homes and work parking lot. Haven't started the snow blower yet this year in Michigan. Cleans smooth and quickly. Works well with wet or dry snow.

Review by: Sid T. - UT   star star star star star

Excellent product, easy to assemble, removed snow twice now from driveway in Southern Utah area.

Review by: Jeff H. - NE   star star star star star

Love this thing... exceeded my expectations. I received it just in time for a major snowstorm. Works flawlessly. This definitely is a huge time saver. Much better than a snow blower!

Review by: John J. - PA   star star star star star

Good price fast shipping. Works great easy to install and store.