Starting At: $797.00

Works with SNOWSPORT® HD and LT Utility Plows.

Strong, durable and rugged. SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch aids in removing even the toughest snow. Built using durable corrosion resistant aluminum, a high output motor and heavy-duty synthetic cable, this electric winch goes above and beyond expectations. Lift and lower your blade with ease, all from the comfort of your heated cab while retaining the unique motion activated design of both SNOWSPORT® HD and LT Utility Plows. Are you ready for the ultimate lifting solution? Equip your snow plow with a SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch and winter won't be the same.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning



Functions on new and prior HD and LT plows with a 4 bolt push frame while maintaining the plow’s one-of-a-kind motion activated design.

Reliable Motor

Reliable Motor

Lowers and lifts blade easily. Worm gear forms an immediate, positive lock to hold snow plow in place. Compact, lightweight and runs on a 12V power source.

Easy On Easy Off

Easy On, Easy Off

Disconnect or connect power instantly with 2 sets of quick connect plugs while maintaining easy removal and attachment of snow plow.

Strong Synthetic Cable

Strong Synthetic Cable

7,700 lbs. breaking strength and replaceable, secures to a durable cleat.

No Electrical Wiring

Corrosion Resistant Aluminum

Heavy-duty construction with a removable cover delivers safety and protection.

Exterior Switch

Interior and Exterior Switch

Protected by circuit breaker and entirely waterproof with completely epoxy potted switch control box to keep the elements out.
7 feet of wire from relay to snow plow and another 12 feet of wire from relay to in-cab switch control.

Average Customer Rating: star star star star star (25 reviews)

Review by: Carl R. - CO   star star star star

The winch is amazing! I don't have to get out of the truck to raise and lower the plow. As I have gotten older that has become important from a physical ability standpoint. I only wish there was a boot to put on the interior switch and wire to cover the wires.

Review by: John E. - ID   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review I got my 1st plow in 2010 manual . Someone ran a red light and the plow won, save my life. Broke the plow mount insurance bought me a new plow and I bought a electric winch in 2018. What amazing products!!

Review by: Steve J. - NY   star star star star star

Great product easy install makes life easy for 72 year old man. Thanks for great product.

Review by: Scott S. - RI   star star star star star

I've had the 7' snowsport HD plow for several years. It has exceeded my expectations for home use. As easy as it is, the winch kit takes it to the next level of convenience. No more plowing up small piles of snow when turning around in the street. Easy travel locally from house to house without getting out to lift the blade. Even a simple mod allows for backdragging, especially effective with the downforce kit. Just replace the bottom bolts on the metal side plates with inward facing steel eye rings and run a strap to each front tow hook if you have them. Presto, backdragging with downforce too since there is no longer a need to allow the blade to collapse forward when backing up. Just lift instead. Only cons...... Probably costs 3 times what a do it yourself kit would and agricover couldn't give me ANY specs on the winch power rating. Not so great in the warranty duration either. But overall, easy install and big leap in capability. Clean factory look.

Review by: Samuel J.   star star star star star

I've had my SnowSport Plow for about 8 yrs. I just told a friend of mine last wk I was going to sell it this fall and buy a powered one. I have a bad back with rods & screws & lifting it up & down going just the few blks in the neighborhood caused too much pain. For years I've been searching to see if you guys have came up with a winch for them. I'd seen lots of DIY's. I just got your email saying you got a wench for them and you have no idea what a relief this is for me. Especially financially, but my plow is in good shape and I hated to get rid of it. Tx you guys very much.

Review by: Larry R. - MI   star star star star star

I live in northwest lower Michigan about 20 miles from Lake Michigan. It's pretty common to see 12 to 14 feet of snow every year, most of it from the lake. I've been using the SNOWSPORT HD plow for 7 years to clear 250 yards of gravel driveway winding through the woods and it always performed like a champ. This year, I got an e-mail from ACI advertising their new winch. I saw potential and took a chance and purchased one. After 3 times plowing with it I can say it was a smart move on my part. Their are at least a few dozen times when I'm plowing where it's better to lift the blade then let it roll out of the way when backing up. I can do that with just a push of a toggle switch from inside the cab! This simple set-up can easily keep up with the hydraulic steel blade plows on driveways, small parking lots, etc. for less than half the price and no modifications needed on your vehicle suspension. I'm never trading mine for something else.

Review by: Charles F. - CO   star star star star star

Works great. Installing the cover plate over the motor took the longest. Tough to fit.

Review by: Mark K. - MI   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review This plow setup it really great in multiple ways. The amount of snow that it will move is just as good as a standard hydrolic plow but the ability to easily and quickly mount and remove is what I love! I keep the push mount and winch on a small roller cart and can easily install that and the blade in literally minutes. Quicker than i could prep and start the snowblower. after only a couple months I upgraded to the electric winch control and that was the icing on the cake. Wonderful setup and ability to move large amounts of snow with ease. then remove the entire unit and no one would guess you have a plow system on your vehicle. After 1 year i cannot even tell the blade or rubber part at the bottom was used and i put it to use all winter. This unit will last a long time.

Review by: Mark B. - MT   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review The power lift took plowing snow from being fun to use to being an addiction. It takes an already versatile tool and makes it even better. Plowing is just that much easier to put the snow right where you want it. If you don't have one of these, you are missing out!

Review by: Joe B. - WI   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review I already owned the 180 plow and have used it in the trailer hitch of my 2005 Toyota Highlander. I've used it for a couple of seasons and have been pretty pleased with it . I saw the electric winch and hold down strap as new accessories so I wanted to try them with my plow. I spoke with Ed in customer service and he was very helpful . I received the electric winch and upon review realized it was better suited for the larger four bolt frame that the other plows use. I spoke with Ed again and he walked me through what I would need to do to make it work, I ordered the larger frame for the plow and Ed was able to get it shipped the same day so that I would have it before our first significant snow. I installed everything and have used it a couple of times now. The ability to raise and lower the plow from inside the vehicle is fantastic. The hold down strap improves the plows ability to really clean the driveway well and scrape off the snow where it previously left a layer of snow. It cost a few more $ to get it set up but well worth it for me. Thank You!

Review by: David M. - SD   star star star star

This winch works great however I do have one issue with it. If I leave it sitting for a period of time it drains my battery. As a result I have to unplug it when I am not plowing snow.

Review by: Chad W. - CO   star star star star star

We love the winch we got from Agricover. We get a lot of compliments about our snow plowing work all because we apply down pressure and it gets in there to bite off in the snow. We actually got a compliment from someone who has worked at the business we snow plow for the last 10 years. He said we are the first in the past 10 years to come in after so many snow removal companies and do a job like no other. Thank you for an awesome product that helps us do an awesome job!

Review by: Don K. - IL   star star star star star

Love this winch! It makes it so much easier to plow. Also purchased the down strap. Really make the plow much more efficient.

Review by: Thomas M. - NJ   star star star star star

I love the Snowsport electric snow plow winch,fast delivery just in time for the snow.

Review by: Matt G. - CO   star star star star star

WOW !! I have driven a commercial grade plow for 20 yrs or so. I plowed the dealership lot i worked at. That plow cost $10,000.00 ish.I got the Snowsport and the winch with the downforce kit. I was skeptical of its ability in the case of a real storm based on appearance vs the pro grade plow I was used to. Boy was I wrong, this plow kicks butt. we just got around three feet of snow and I have a nightmare driveway about 1/8th of a mile with a 8% grade or so. This plow OWNED the snow all the way to the driveway leaving a useable driveway. I am so glad i decide to give this system a try, great job guys for building such a quality product.

Review by: John R. - MI   star star star star star

Would be nice if a person could buy just the nylon rope for the winch

Review by: John T. - NY   star star star star

Winch should be Wireless remote - easier and less wires- it's cheaper too.

Review by: Mark D. - MA   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review Have not used yet but easy to install and will make plowing easier. A little pricey but same price as other companys. Like the ACI company.

Review by: Russell R. - MI   star star star star star

Plow and winch work great!! Only one snowfall so far, but looking forward to more

Review by: Jose V. - CT   star star star star

I purchased the down pressure kit and the angle interceptor which made plowing a totally different experience. Initially I had issues getting the winch onto the push frame due to the thickness of where the bolts are squared, but I was eventually able to. I like this setup because it doesn't rip up grass or gravel but really can now push down into the pavement. Before it would leave a coating even on flat surfaces. The only thing I hope for now is an automated way to rotate it so I don't have to get out. That's why I give it 4 stars.

Review by: Mike - PA   star star star star star

I purchase day electric winch for my snow sport plow. My hope is that it will help speed up the process by being able to go in both directions and not have to stop and pin the plow up for short drives.I also purchased the down pressure strap which I am hoping will help with back dragging and scraping.I haven't had a chance to use it yet, but it appears to be very high-quality and I have no doubt it will last.

Review by: Don S. - MI   star star star star star

Works great

Review by: Dennis G. - IL   star star star star star

Easy set up and install!

Review by: Kevin L. - MN   star star star star star

I've had the snow sport plow for a decade. Adding the winch lift was worth every penny. Being able to lift it with the flip of a switch in certain circumstances is safer and speeded me up on certain challenging properties of mine

Review by: Glenn M. - ID   star star star star star

SNOWSPORT™ Electric Plow Winch Customer Review Very impressed. Here and Idaho we have experienced severe winter storms since November. I have had to plow snow every day for the last two weeks. I installed the electric winch to raise and lower the plow, it makes plowing much easier and faster for me. this plow system works great for me and it is very easy to install and also to remove.Thank you for a great product