If you are serious about hauling trailers, some extra lighting for night time work might be in order. You may be wondering "Why get LED lights?" The answer is simple: LED lighting is the best option to get more light on your truck, trailers and other vehicles. LEDs are efficient, shock resistant and long-lasting.

Where to get LED lights?

Jameskota.com is here to help you get mud flaps and lights. If you want to know where to get an off-road LED light bar, check out our 120W light bar. Our LED lights also include individual spot and flood lights that fit many different vehicles.

Why get off-road lights for my truck?

Headlights are fine for driving on the highway. When you get off the road and out into the country driving over unpredictable terrain, you'll want a set of bright lights on your rig to see everything ahead of you. Off-Road LED Lights can be purchased in multiple power levels available in flood and spot beams including a 21" off-road light bar. These lights are good for pickups, Jeep Wranglers, ATVs, UTVs and other vehicles.