Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps

ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps are solid receiver hitch mud flaps for trucks and SUVs. These pickup mud flaps mount to a truck's receiver hitch and ball mount with no drilling. When these truck mud flaps need to be removed, simply pull the hitch pin and pull the mud flaps off. When you need towing mud flaps again, ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps can be reattached just as easily.

Why do I want to get ROCKSTAR™ Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps?

Trailer hitch mud flaps are ideal because they can be easily added or removed as needed. If you put down good money for a pickup truck like a Ford F150, Chevrolet Silverado, Dodge Ram or GMC Sierra, you want to preserve your resale value as much as possible and buy truck accessories that can be installed without permanently altering your truck.

This is the place to get truck mud flaps

Truxessories.com is ready to send the ROCKSTAR™ hitch mount mud flaps you want. We are ready to ship your mud flaps directly to your door, whether you want a set of ROCKSTAR™ XL Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps for a Ram EcoDiesel pickup, a set of ROCKSTAR™ 2XL Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps for a Chevrolet Duramax truck, a set of ROCKSTAR™ 3XL Hitch Mounted Mud Flaps for a Ford F-350 diesel dually or any other combination of pickup trucks and mud flaps.