From recreational vehicles to work equipment, E-Z Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailers are here to make your hauling experience as simple as can be. Offering a variety of enclosed cargo trailers, car hauler trailers and snow trailers in multiple sizes, James Kota has the perfect transport trailer for sale. E-Z Hauler Trailers are constructed from an all-aluminum frame with water resistant decking and one piece aluminum roof, while the stone guard protects the front of the trailer during travel. Use the rear ramp to load and unload your equipment easily and quickly. Enjoy years of use with a reliable E-Z Hauler Enclosed Cargo Trailer to haul all your valued items.

E-Z Hauler Trailers for Sale

We offer an array of E-Z Hauler Trailers for sale that give you the protection you need. From snowmobile trailers to car hauler trailers, you are guaranteed to find the right fit. E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailers are equipped with an all aluminum construction, water resistant decking and interior dome lights. Our inventory is ready to browse in person or online and our friendly staff is ready to help. Begin your journey with an E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailer today!

E-Z Hauler Trailer Dealer

James Kota is a large distributor of E-Z Hauler Aluminum Trailers in Jamestown, North Dakota. E-Z Hauler Trailers are an American owned company that are manufactured in Waterville, Maine focusing on designing and building superior aluminum trailers. Every E-Z Hauler includes a stoneguard, braked leaf spring axle and a flat front with cast corners. Haul and arrive in style for years to come with E-Z Hauler Enclosed Trailers.