Whether you are looking for utility trailers, tilt trailers, gooseneck trailers or skid steer trailers, James Kota offers a large assortment of ABU Trailers for sale. These heavy duty utility trailers are an asset to someone who transport commercial lawn care or construction equipment for landscaping or small excavation and the list goes on. Majority of American Builders Unlimited Trailers come standard with stake pockets the full length on both sides to secure small or large equipment quickly and safely. Next time you move valuable equipment, ensure you have the best flatbed trailer for the job, ensure you have a reliable ABU Trailer.

ABU Trailers for Sale

We have a big selection of ABU Trailers for sale such as ABU Tilt Trailers, ABU Gooseneck Trailers or ABU Skid Steer Trailers. Most ABU Trailers are equipped with stake pockets down the length of each side to secure your cargo safely and easily. All American Builders Unlimited Trailer inventory can be picked up today and simply find the best flatbed trailer right for your needs utilizing our filtering options. The ABU Trailer is an asset to anybody who tows large equipment.

ABU Trailer Dealer

James Kota is an authorized ABU Trailer dealer in North Dakota. From ABU Car Hauler and ABU Skid Steer Trailers to ABU Tilt Trailers, we have a variety of options to ensure you get the best heavy duty utility trailer for the job! American Builders Unlimited manufacture ABU Trailers in Dwight, North Dakota with a commitment to their customers and pride themselves in quality constructed flatbed trailers. Every ABU Trailer is built to last and made to perform.