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How to Measure Truck Bed

Heavy duty without the heavy weight, LOMAX® Professional Series is the right truck box cover for any job site. Emphasizing a one-person operation, this hard tri-fold cover is easy to install or remove. Sturdy black diamond mist aluminum panels and a water-shedding design with strong, waterproof hinges shield your cargo and stop elements from entering the truck box. We added extra aluminum channels to each panel, enhancing strength to make the LOMAX® Professional Series Tonneau Cover even more durable with minimal increased weight. A ten point automatic locking system, flexible rubber seals and limited metal-on-metal contact reduce noise and road vibrations. LOMAX® Professional Series are hard truck box covers with long term reliability.

California Residents: Prop 65 Warning

Automatic Dual Locking System

Automatic Dual Locking System

Release both locks simultaneously by pulling the cord from either side. Heavy duty nylon latches provide 1/2 in. surface for solid positive engagement.

Automatic Ten Point Locking System

Automatic Ten Point Locking System

Unfolding each panel locks the cover automatically at ten points with heavy duty reinforced nylon components.

Weather Tight Tonneau Seal

Weathertight Seal

Water shedding design and waterproof hinges direct water away from the box without drains or gutters. The hard tri-fold cover overlaps the box rails with a continuous seal down the entire length of the side rails, preventing dirt, snow, rain and dust from entering the pickup bed.

Incorporated Storage Clips

Incorporated Storage Clips

Sleek, retractable storage clips hold truck bed cover in place and rigid standoffs with vinyl caps keep panels appropriately spaced in the folded position. No adjustments needed.

Strong Tonneau Cover

Strong, Yet Light in Weight

LOMAX™ Professional Series includes additional aluminum channels under each panel. The extruded aluminum channels support the panels to hold up to 500 pounds of evenly dispersed weight, while weighing approximately 60 pounds for an impressive strength-to-weight ratio.

Simple Tonneau Removal

Simple to Remove and Reinstall

With cover open and storage clips fastened, on front panel pull latches and disengage hooks by sliding cover back, then lift for removal. To reinstall, engage hooks by sliding the tonneau cover forward and place into retainment brackets. Cover locks automatically in place.

Tight Bite Clamps


Installs in minutes without the need to drill into your truck box. Specifically cut 'teeth' maintain superior grip and exceptional strength.

Average Customer Rating: star star star star star (53 reviews)

Review by: Arvind R. - TN   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Installed the Lomax professional tonneau cover on my 2023 Honda Ridgeline RTL-E SGP. Fit and finish looks great!. Seals seem to be good but the water channels on the bed wall towards the front seem to have an air gap. Hoping it is does not leak much. Side rails do reduce the opening of the in bed trunk hatch/door, but does not limit the usability much. Overall happy with the purchase!

Review by: Michael W. - MN   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Excellent quality. Very straight forward installation. Would recommend to anyone looking for a hard cover.

Review by: Mark L. - NM   star star star star

Very nice product. I Received compliments soon after installation. I am concerned about it's longevity though. The rubber strips holding everything together don't seem like they are built to stand the test of time.

Review by: Mike B. - FL   star star star star

Great fitting cover only issue is more attention to finish,in the sun you can see multiple areas that where missed. Other than that a good cover

Review by: Leslie G. - TX   star star star star star

I really like the cover, it has clean lines and looks great.

Review by: GLEN P. - MD   star star star star star

Excellent quality. Looks great, easy to install and does not leak.

Review by: Robert B. - TX   star star star star star

I researched allot of covers out there. My criteria was QUALITY and LONGEVITY, this cover exceeded both. I've owned several covers before and they all had there downfalls. Aluminum is the only way to go, it installed problem free (25 minutes by my self) and can be removed easily. Also, I did not have any water in the bed after a wash. Save yourself time and buy it, yes it is higher priced but that's because of the quality. I have had mine for 8 months and am very satisfied.

Review by: Billy K. - IA   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Very nice I took my time installing the LOMAX professional hard cover. The instructions was easy and the U tube video were very detailed. The material looked strong and everything locked into place the first time, no adjustments was needed. You build a great product and please thank very one that helped. I will try to take care of this great cover. Iowa winter will be the first test.

Review by: Tac V. - CA   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Great cover! I was looking for an alternative to the Rivian OEM manual cover and came upon Agri-Cover Professional Series Tri Fold Cover. Great quality, ease of installation and looks great on my Rivian. Love it!

Review by: Mike B. - WI   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Luv my new LOMAX Pro hard folding tonneau cover! Fits like a glove. Easy to install and tuff as nails. The Black Diamond finish looks killer on my Tacoma truck. Highly recommend. PS their customer service was top notch start to finish.

Review by: Chris C. - ON   star star star star

Solid Product that was super easy to install. Tonneau cover looks great. I ordered the urethane finish, which appears to be durable, but I did notice that the edges didn't receive very much urethane leaving some aluminum exposed. Not a huge deal. Tonneau cover was well packaged, yet still had a slight bend in the one corner of the cover that was able to be straightened out with a little pressure. Totally the shippers fault.

Review by: Keith V. - PA   star star star star star

Great Product and easy installation. Best cover I have had to date.

Review by: Andrew B. - MI   star star star star star

Great product, love the looks and function of the Professional Series LOMAX hard cover. Keeps the weather out and flips open easily. I appreciate how it can be lifted off and slipped back on with ease. Awesome accessory for my 2018 GMC truck.

Review by: Nick I. - VA   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Great cover! Delivery: ordered around the holidays and took about 2.5 weeks to receive. Install: installed it by myself and it took about 20 minutes Quality: It keeps the bed secure, dry, and still usable with its easy to remove system. Overall love it. We will see how it stands against the test of time.

Review by: Wade B. - NH   star star star star star

Great hard cover. Very easy install, and looks awesome. Seems durable enough, I'll review it again in a year or so. As of now I don't see any reason it won't last for many years to come.

Review by: Randy B. - MO   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review First and Best Investment made on new 2023 GMC Canyon. Easy install, quick delivery, and quality all the way. Only minimal seepage after multiple car wash and heavy thunderstorms. ACI customer service is great. Love the look, compliments and inquiries from other truck owners. Adarac is next, and worth the wait. What a pleasure to buy Made in USA products.

Review by: Josh P. - RI   star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review LOMAX Professional Series fits my 2019 Ram 1500 perfectly. The seals on the tonneau cover does a great job; only a few drips entered the bed on the corners after an all-day rainstorm. Very minor. Only issue I need to look out for is the seal under each fold. (Reviews from buyers indicated that they are prone to breakdown; can't be sure as the reviews also stated a newer version of the seal has been applied to the covers). I am hoping this doesn't happen as the cover looks to be great quality despite the fact spending a lot of money on it compared to their competitor's covers. Time will tell. Overall, as of having for 1 week, I do recommend the cover for everyday use.

Review by: John S. - FL   star star star star

Great product easy to install!

Review by: Barry G. - MO   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review 2023 Colorado Z71. Installation was extremely easy and required no adjustments to the rail. 3 position choices: fully covered, 1/3 covered and secured and removed. The cover is light enough to completely remove by myself. Low profile looks great and does not cover bed stake holes. Line X finish matches my bed and should provide a durable non-slip finish for loading 4x8 sheet products on top of. Installed bed mat and additional tailgate gasket. No evidence of water infiltration. Very happy with communication with customer service and the product.

Review by: Jim - WI   star star star star star

Great cover pro series worth the price, way beefier than the cheaper model, I have had both

Review by: Hayden G. - NC   star star star star star

a very nice hard fold cover that is very strong. so far no leaks even when pressure washing

Review by: Dean F. - SK   star star star star star

I decided on this truck bed cover because I didn't want anything too bulky. So many bed covers out there look as if they just threw down a sheet of plywood and stapled a cover on it. I cannot believe how many compliments I get on this cover. A low profile, sturdy, sharp looking lid that does what it's designed to do! I'll definitely be putting a new one on when I upgrade my Silverado down the road! Very Impressed!

Review by: Jack I. - IN   star star star star star

Very nice. Easy to install, looks great.

Review by: Kerry D. - ND   star star star star star

i loved this product enough buy another for our other truck right away. very easy to install, waterproof and ease of opening are attributes hard to find.

Review by: Tim L. - NC   star star star star star

2018 Crew Cab Chevy Silverado: I looked at everything on the market and am glad I picked this. I was looking for a black cover but I'm really glad I ended up with the bright aluminum. It's made like my 20 year old aluminum truck tool box that I'm about to pass on because it still looks almost new. So easy to install and operate. Very pleased.

Review by: Joe B. - KS   star star star star star

It took me a few weeks from purchase to installation because I just finished chemo and was kinda wiped out. I was surprised. When I did get to the install, it was easy, the instructions were concise, and it fit perfectly. It's quiet, doesn't leak in the rain, solid and secure. I'm very glad I chose the Lomax cover from ACI. It makes my truck look awesome, and I can use my truck bed as secure storage space confidently.

Review by: William E. - CA   star star star star star

Heavy duty, good looking cover and easy to install. The clamps hold well but leveling can be tricky in positioning the clamps correctly to level. I suggest you have help in installing this cover. Overall, you'll be happy and proud to show off your prized cover.

Review by: Richard M. - NV   star star star star star

Installation was a breeze, get many complements on the cover. Has kept the bed and contents dry. Not cheap, but if you need bed access quickly and yet secure when closed,this unit is perfect.

Review by: Matthew S. - SC   star star star star star

Fits perfect looks great.

Review by: Travis N. - WI   star star star star star

Works great. Easy to install. Wish it came in black though. There was no option for color when I purchased it. Shipping was fast as well.

Review by: Norris M. - TX   star star star star star

This is the third Lomax cover I've owned ......these are the best on the market.

Review by: Gerald M. - IL   star star star star star

Love it. The cover is extremely well built and solid. Installation is simple and does not require an additional pair of hands to complete. Even after driving all day in the rain, the truck bed stayed nice and dry.

Review by: Steven J. - SC   star star star star star

Arrived in 4 days via Fedex. No damage. Easy assembly. Fit is excellent. Latches above tailgate need a bit of encouragement to close. Top is easy to remove. Looks good, works well. Five stars.

Review by: Richard M. - NV   star star star star star

Lomax pro series tri-fold hard cover and Adarac aluminum rack , after 1.5 years in the hot southwestern city, has performed excellent, no leaks , good fit on my 2019 ram 1500 short bed , 75 lbs of kayak on the rack no problems as expected. And it all looks great, thanks ACI.

Review by: David K. - CO   star star star star star

Very good product. Everything about this purchase is excellent!!!

Review by: Scott W. - VA   star star star star star

I bought a Lomax Professional diamond plate cover for my 2021 Gmc 2500Hd. It installed it in about an hour and it is great. It looks really good and works great. I love that I vocal remove it quickly if needed. Great product.

Review by: Mark T. - OH   star star star star star

Interestingly, my review is much the same as all of the reviews I read prior to my purchase. The Cover I bought performs exactly as advertised! It installed in just a little more than 1 hour. It is in fact weather proof, at least based on several trips to the car wash. I have yet be on the road in a rain storm, but have no reason to believe the performance will change. The cover seems well built and I expect it will last the live of my new 2021 Honda Ridgeline. BTW I spend numerous hours researching Tonneau covers. This is the only one I found without significant numbers of poor reviews. And the Ridgeline Owners Forum had numerous successful installations.

Review by: Rusty H. - IL   star star star star star

Easy to install. Looks great. Went thru a pretty severe storm and only had very minor water get thru

Review by: Kevin B. - WI   star star star star star

Received the LOMAX Professional Series cover for my F250 in record time. Installation took a little bit, as I have a drop in bedliner which needed to be trimmed a bit to allow for proper fit of the cover. So far, it has been through the carwash a couple of times and other than a drop or two of water, has been watertight. The silver metal is keeping the bed cool in direct sunlight, while the black bedrail cover right next to it gets hot, so this should be great for carrying camper supplies and not having them roast in the summer. I have a bit of concern on the long term strength of the plastic hardware under the cover, but that is only a feeling. One good thing is that ACI at least provides access to spare parts, which is something you never see, so I am willing to see how it does over the next few years. Looks great, and the wife loves it as well.

Review by: Curt - PA   star star star star star

Purchased tri-fold with aluminum diamond plate finish. Much preferred to all the black versions out there. Well made and relatively easy to install.

Review by: Ron C. - WA   star star star star star

Repeat customer. Easy install, easy to use.

Review by: Michael C. - MA   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Awesome Product, Thank you

Review by: John W. - WI   star star star star star

Really nice cover, super easy to install. Customer service was great....the only 2 complaints I have is #1. let customers know your company has to build these before shipping #2. invent a way to drive around with cover in open position, similar to BAK -FLIP Co. system.Otherwise , the top is great !!I also ordered the Adarack Pro Sys.Thanks to your instructions was easy to install. Note: I purchased a special router bit to auger out stake pockets. This bit made it super fast to install. You may want to consider carrying this bit yourselves. I ordered mine through BullRing in California. $10 bucks !!!Thanks Guys, love the set-up

Review by: Josh O. - MT   star star star star star

Fits well, easy to install

Review by: Jim B. - AZ   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review I just received and installed this cover the other day and am very impressed. The installation was very easy, it could use one more rail clamp per side, but is still really solid. It looks great too, very clean.

Review by: Jim B. - AZ   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review I love my new truck cover. It looks great and works just as well. I had a small issue early on, self induced, and the folks at AGRI were quick to respond and help with the fix. Awesome customer service.

Review by: Michael L. - WI   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review I am impressed with everything about this cover and company. The cover arrived quickly and packaging kept it in good shape. I was a little skeptical about the claims of easy installation. It really was a breeze to install. The coming from someone who likes to overthink everything. I am impressed with the workmanship and finish. It took a lot of looking and comparing before making a decision. I am glad I went with the LOMAX.

Review by: Edward W. - MO   star star star star star

This cover is beautiful and sturdy. Being old and somewhat puny (since the pandemic), I struggled a bit with the installation. The end result made it all very much worth it.

Review by: Chris R. - CA   star star star star star

Love this cover. It works great

Review by: Mark S. - NY   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review I spent a few months researching tri fold tonneau covers. I wanted my next one to be a hard cover, and one of my primary wishes is that it be made in the USA. Yours fit the bill and then some! I did have to wait on the install because it arrived with a broken plastic bracket but Ed came to the rescue and shipped the parts quickly. You have great staff, always willing to help, so thank you.

Review by: Jck N. - NY   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review Very pleased with the professional series tonneau cover. Install was simple, looks great, and is keeping the bed dry. Removal and reinstallation is quick and easy. Highly recommend.

Review by: Mark D S. - NY   star star star star star

LOMAX<sup>®</sup> Professional Series Cover Customer Review I love the Pro cover. When it arrived it had broken plastic brackets but they FedEx'ed the parts to me immediately. So far after the first hard rain everything remained dry. This company really does care about the customer. Ed was very helpful with questions I had before install, and parts replacement. The cover is definitely heavy duty, and I LOVE the fact tyhat is it made right here in the USA.

Review by: Mark C. - CA   star star star star star

I'm giving five stars not just for their product but for customer service as well. I had an issue with my first cover. Sent them pics and they handled everything after that. Didn't have to beg them to make things right they just did it. For that they will be my first choice next time.