Werk Handi-Hoppers make hauling feed, seed, or fertilizer as easy as possible. Just simply load up the portable bulk feed bin at the barn or feed mill then tow the feed wherever you need it. Handi-Hopper Trailer pulls at highway speeds, full or empty, like a dream while a viewing window makes checking material levels easy with no need to open the top hatch. A simple sliding gate releases materials into other containers or onto the ground. You can leave the portable grain bin anywhere while keeping the commodities accessible and protected from rodents and moisture. Buy your today, James Kota has portable grain bin for sale.

Handi-Hopper for Sale

Save on feed costs, save on labor and reduce losses to mold and varmints with Handi-Hopper Feeder. James Kota has Handi-Hoppers for sale to conveniently haul or store bulk animal feed, seeds, or fertilizer. Fill buckets quickly and easily to load your gravity-fed deer feeder with the sliding grain door on the bottom of the Handi-Hopper Trailer. Check out all the portable grain bins we have available online or come check them out in person.

Handi-Hopper Dealer in Jamestown, ND

Werk Weld Handi-Hoppers are manufactured in Armour, South Dakota by a privately family-owned business that continuously striving to achieve excellence by delivering unmatched value to their customers. James Kota Inc. is your centrally located, official Handi-Hopper dealer in North Dakota. From 1 ton animal feeders to 2 ton feed hopper, we have the portable bulk feed bins for you. Just unload your Handi-Hopper Feeder as needed.