Less weight, less cost, more fun with Ambush Slayer Skid Houses. These lightweight aluminum ice houses featuring a strong welded chassis and heavy-duty skis make moving from spot to spot quick and easy with a vehicle, UTV or ATV. Ambush Slayer Skid Houses are made of an all-aluminum frame fully insulated with fiberglass exterior and interior, no wood to rot or seams to leak. This all season skid house can also double as a camper or hunting shack. Weighing 880 lbs., the 6-1/2' x 10' Ambush Slayer Skid House comes standard with five fishing holes and one spear hole for your convenience.

Ambush Slayer Ice House Features

  • Fully insulated 1-3/8" thick walls
  • Fully insulated, one-piece domed roof with aluminum frame
  • Fully insulated floor with aluminum frame and slip-resistant flooring, no wood
  • Insulated 30" wide door with aluminum frame and automotive grade weather seal
  • Four 24" x 18" horizontal windows
  • Propane holder
  • Porch and interior lights and utility rails
  • 5 year warranty